Capture and OCR

eBA Capture and OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Processing paper-based documents continues to be an issue many organizations still struggle with, regardless of whether that paper is the byproduct of ongoing business processes or just legacy paper content. With eBA Capture you can ‘capture’, digitize and interpret any type of document from any location, be it paper, email, image, fax, or EDI and regardless of whether that content is coming from a desktop, your ERP or other line-of-business application.

eBA Capture provides you with a flexible set of tools to capture and image this content while applying metadata, applicable policies and schedules to it.

eBA Capture module features

  • Rapid transfer of documents into electronic form
  • Easy classification of documents
  • Captured data are transferred to the document management and other operational systems
  • Increases the efficiency of archiving team and measures the performance
  • Prevents non-standard scanning and document occurrence
  • Select text and easily transfer by cut & paste
  • Optional selectable
  • High performance asynchronous operation
  • Save labor by workflow automation

Automatic document separation

  • Automatic separation by using barcode
  • Separation with the number of pages or blank pages
  • Create a custom document separators and supression
  • Ability to manually parse documents from the interface


  • Define for each document custom index fields
  • Smart index areas
  • Database integration
  • Automatic validation
  • Customize validation by external DLL .Net



Printing, shipping, storage and document handling costs are eliminated or reduced because process related data and documents can be digitized, classified and indexed and archived with eBA.


By making all content easily accessible and searchable.


By ensuring your employees have up-to-date, accurate information right at their fingertips.

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