Document Management

eBA Document Management System

Documents like spreadsheets, presentations, proposals, contracts, video and scanned images are created faster than we can count them. In most organizations, this content lives all over the place, on desktop computers, consumer file hosting services such as Dropbox and Google docs, network drives, USBs and email. And your enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM and Supply Chain are generating an endless stream of operational, structured data either on-premise and/or in the Cloud.

Being able to organize, control and provide fast and secure access to this structured and unstructured data has become critical to the organization’s success. eBA’s simplified enterprise-grade document management system does exactly that. Key functionality includes version control, access control, notifications, approval workflows, embedded file viewer support, collaboration, and enterprise archiving.

Document Management System

  • Arranging organizational memory
  • Safe access
  • Versioning
  • Systematic storage
  • Quick access through profile forms
  • Controlled access through Check-In / Check-Out
  • Localization support

Electronic Document Management System

  • Compliance to regulations on procedures and principles applicable for official correspondences
  • Standard file plan compatibility
  • Qualified electronic signature
  • Document Management
  • DTVT compatibility
  • e-correspondence package
  • KEP correspondences

eBA Document/Record Management module features

  • EDMS meets standard requirements
  • Search function of scanned documents or images that contain text
  • Integrated into the WorkFlow Management System
  • Makes digital archiving and access authority based filing
  • All corporate memory  can easily be moved into an electronic environment and accessed by authorized users.
  • Defined libraries may be on  different DB servers, so that data resources can be managed based on data access and access  from different locations kept at the optimum level.

eBA DM Features

  • By assigning roles to users, one can manage the access authorization to libraries, files and documents.
  • According the user profile users can access the process that can be customized

  • Each user menue of their profile is automatically generated by the system.

  • All these permissions can be set based on library/directory or document based.

  • Defined libraries may be on  different DB servers, so that data resources can be managed based on data access and access  from different locations kept at the optimum level.

  • After creating a new document, a workflow can be started automatically and if there is need that document can be shown to approvers and get necessary actions for it.

  • Creating relation between documents, provide us to manage linked documents easily. If there is additional information in another document for a specific part of the curent document, you can create relation between these files.


The eBA for SAP Connector is a certified interface to the SAP ERP system based on SAP’s HTTP Content Server interface and supports SAP DMS and the SAP ArchiveLink archiving scenarios.



Relate your unstructured data with structured data residing in your enterprise applications so you can find what you need and make smart decisions, fast.


Most organizations do not have a problem creating content. They have a problem finding it, sharing it and consuming it. eBA Document Management allows content to be easily accessed and delivered to the right people at the right time on the right device.


With a central access point to information, not only can your users gain better insights and make smarter business decisions faster, but the organization can be more compliant with fast access to documents company-wide, visibility into who accessed and interacted with the data, and secure archiving of content in durable, unalterable form.

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