Smart City

Smart City

The concept of Smart City has lately been adopted by the research community, companies and public gobernants to summarize a set of advanced services devoted to make current cities more citizien friendly, efficient and sustainable. Traffic management, public transport scheduling, waste management, pollution control, or preventing and avoiding security threats are, among some of the most relevant, examples of problems that the Smart City has to deal with.

Urban traffic planning is a fertile area of Smart Cities to improve efficiency, environmental care, and safety, since the traffic jams and congestion are one of the biggest sources of pollution and noise. Traffic lights play an important role in solving these problems since they control the flow of the vehicular network at the city. However, the increasing number of vehicles makes necessary to go from a local control at one single intersection to a holistic approach considering a large urban area, only possible using advanced computational resources and techniques.

Our solutions not only enable continuous traffic flows but reduce the pollution. A case study of Kocaeli in Turkey city allows us to validate the approach and show its benefits for other cities as well.

Dynamic traffic control System is the latest generation of traffic control System that operates, manages and control the signalized intersections with/without coordination. DTC System is developed by Texera GmbH and it uses the Queueing Theory and Dynamic Priority Scheduling for optimizing of Traffic Light Signal, our studies on different smart city applications are also continuing.

Smart City

Energy conservation and efficiency are major focuses of smart cities.  Smart city technologies also bring efficiences to urban manufacturing and urban farming, including job creation, energy efficiency, space management and fresher goods for consumers.

Also in the transportation arena, smart traffic management is used to monitor and analyze traffic flows to optimize streetlights to prevent roadways from becoming too congested based on time of day or rush-hour schedules.

Big Data

Big data is not only about large volumes of data but also about the extra insight and value you can extract from the information about and related to your brand, your products, your campaigns, and your solutions. The Texera proffesionals are ready to assess & process all the data by means of „big data processing“.

Considering all the smart city appliances (smart metering, traffic lights, waste management, parking, healthcare etc.) there is an enormuous data to be collected.

Data Analytics

In a business world in which the gap between winners and losers is narrowing down, companies are increasingly turning to data analytics to gain a competitive advantage in productivity, profitability and sustainable manufacturing processes for better products and better services. To be able to do that, companies need trained workforce skilled in Data Analytics, who are equipped to manage, understand and model the data, interpret the outcome and communicate the results for business use

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