Workflow Management

What is eBa?

  • eBA is an transactional content management platform and it optimizes your enterprise applications with comprehensive ECM capabilities, including document management, electronic workflow, records management and intelligent document capture.
  •  eBA automatically monitors each step of the process, provides rules or triggers to determine what’s next and sends a notification when an action is required. eBA workflow ensures you stay productive and compliant. It integrates your people, systems, data and action.
  • eBA workflow is designed to allow business analysts to understand, build and change processes – without becoming developers. All businesses run on workflows – and many of them can be automated because they are either manual, time-consuming or inefficient.

eBA - DM & WF Management System

In which departments can it be used ?

  • Human Resources
  • Purchasing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Financial Processes
  • Logistics Processes
  • Customer Relations
  • Production & Planning
  • Project Management
  • IT and Other

Strong and Flexible Integration Capability

  • Strong integration with current operational systems
  • Easy and fast integration with popular ERP/CRM systems such as SAP, AXAPTA, Oracle, Dynamix etc.
  • Integration with corporate portals through web services
  • Strong webpart integration with Sharepoint portal
  • ERP system integration of business processes not included in ERP Systems
  • Online management of business processes followed up in hardcopy format
  • Prevention of wrong data entry by communicating with the operational systems existing on the electronic platform

eBA WorkFlow Management module features

  • You can easily create digital forms using drag  & drop technology
  • All kinds of documents or e-signed documents approvals and delegation
  • Notifications system controls outdated tasks
  • Provides all the infrastructure for advanced reporting features

Visual Reporting Support with eBA Dashboard

  • Easily reporting complex data structures
  • Easy analysis based on report results
  • Simple and simplified illustration of complicated reports using visual elements
  • Dashboard’s designer tool provides personalized visualization
  • Instant visual reports based on business needs thanks to easy and fast design options
  • Consolidation of data received from all operational systems thanks to extended data source support
  • Can receive and display data from any environment with the support of the API
  • Advanced widgets and includes geographic graphics imaging media
  • Offers  defined real-time key performance indicators
  • WorkFlow module can be quickly commissioned as the start page

eBA Web User Interface and Mobile Views

  • eBA web graphical user inteface supports multi- language entry.
  • For login Active Directory, IP authantication or similar methodologies are used.
  • LDAP Single sign-on is supported.
  • According the user profile users can access the process that can be customized
  • Each user menue of their profile is automatically generated by the system.
  • You can easily access the system using your mobile phones or tablets thanks to the interface operated not depending on a mobile device
  • You can have access to processes independent from devices using native mobile application operated with IOS, Android and Windows Mobile and you can carry out approval transactions.
  • You can manage and monitor your work processes and documents via web by using all mobile devices.

eBa's value

  • Operational costs – i.e. Paper, paper handling, storage, IT costs
  • Process acceleration – focus on strategic tasks as opposed to sending email notifications, following-up etc.
  • Productivity – for one you will find data faster; another is by saving time during processes that require approval
  • Risk and compliance – audit record of who did what with what content and when
  • Customer service – faster and easier forms, visibility into status of workflows and approvals, quickly connect to relevant content

SAP Certified

The eBA for SAP Connector is a certified interface to the SAP ERP system based on SAP’s HTTP Content Server interface and supports SAP DMS and the SAP ArchiveLink archiving scenarios.



With eBA you can create forms for business applications faster and easier. Just drag and drop reusable components into place, use master data from various systems, and connect the form to a workflow. Boom!x Traditionally time-consuming processes such as contract or PO approvals are done faster and without error or ambiguity because eBA knows who is responsible for every task along the way, and when the task needs to be done. Notifications are sent automatically.


Automated workflows drive action, provide consistency and give greater visibility by connecting your people with relevant action, data and systems.


Most organizations organize IT service management with ITIL and Cobit. eBA ITSM allows content to be easily accessed and report to the right people at the right time on the right device.

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